Mulga Shade Natural Blinds


General information and Care Instructions

Congratulations on choosing your Mulga Shade ranges of Natural Bamboo and Timber Blinds. An elegant alternative that is both functional, and environmentally friendly.


We have painstakingly hand made your blinds, using the best material and craftsmanship. Please follow these few simple care instructions and you will be able to enjoy your blinds for many years to come. In General, your natural blinds would require the minimal of maintenance.


Material           With natural material, the blinds are unique and no two materials will be the same. There will be shades, colour and texture variations- these add to the individuality and attraction of these natural products. They will also react to the weather conditions like any natural material; Characteristics such as unevenness may be more apparent during weather fluctuations.


Environment    They are predominantly designed for indoor use. They are not suitable for excessively damp areas without ventilation such as an unvented bathroom, so do let them breath by opening doors and windows every so often.


Cleaning          To remove dust, the best way is to vacuum with a suitable nozzle. Dirt or unwanted marks can be remove by simply rubbed with a rubber eraser and/or use a damp cloth to wipe it down, but make sure it is well ventilated when applying dampness to the weave.

Please continue to enjoy your natural choice of Mulga Shade.

Roman Sanguine