Roman Blinds

   Roman Side View                                                      Roman Pull Up                                               Roman Front View                                

Side View              Open Position side view (Pulled up)                              Front View                 

Roman blinds are the most versatile style we have. Every fabric in our collection can be made into a Roman blind in one variation or another. It is elegant, functional, as well as robust.

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Blind Variations

Roman blinds have the most variations of all styles, here are just some common variations we make.



Roman Framed Edge




Profile Of The Standard Roman Blind.

For any opening, please take 3 measurements of the width (Wmm), and use the smallest number. Do the same for the drop (Dmm) and use the shortest. If it is a reveal fit, we recommend that a 10mm deduction is made on the width, and a 15-25mm deduction is made on the drop.

Wmm-This is the width of the blind.

Dmm- This is the drop. Depending on the fabric you choose and the size of the blind, we recommend that you make a 15-25mm deduction. Roman Measurement

Xmm-This is the distance between the blind and the bottom surface. We recommend  15-25mm.

Ymm and Pmm will change depending on the style of the blind.

Ymm-The thickness of the blind head wood. There are timber structures inside the blind, they make it very easy to install. It is approximately 30mm depending on the thickness of your chosen fabric. For reveal fit, you can screw straight onto the top. For face fit, brackets will be supplied.

Pmm-This is the thickness or projection of the blind. It is approximately 30-35mm depending on the thickness of your chosen fabric.



Profiles of a Roman Blind with front Valance

Pmm-The projection is 55-60mm from the wall, depending on the thickness of your fabric.

Roman V Measurement


Stack Height

This is the height or drop of the blind after it is pull up. This will vary depending on the overall size of the blind and the fabric. You can request a certain stack height and we will do our best to achieve this. The general stack height is between 300mm-420mm

Roman Stack