Roller Blinds

Rollers blinds are a very practical solution for window furnishing; however, it is also a higher maintenance product, for that reason, not all our fabrics are suitable for roller blinds.

Roller Side                                           Roller Front                                       Roller Front
Side View                                                         Front View                 


We mainly do 2 variations in a roller blind

Roller Chrissie                       Roller Chrissie


What you should be aware of in our Roller Blind

Most of our fabrics are natural and uneven; characteristic which are not really compatible with roller blinds, which required the fabric to roll straight up every single time. We solve this problem by giving our blinds a little more tolerance when making the blinds. You may also require to give the fabric a tap here and there as you are rolling it up, this will ensure that the blind will roll as straight as possible. This is not very difficult and most of our clients who wanted a Roller blind have no problems with it, but if you think this will bother you, then our natural material roller blind is not suitable for you.

Profile of a Roller Blind

Roller Measure

Wmm-The full width of the opening. Notice that the fabric is always less than the width of the opening because of the roller mechanism at each end. The difference is 34mm. I.e., if it is a reveal fit then there may be a gap where the blind fabric does not cover. There are often solutions around this, e.g., you may install it face fit, and make the blind much bigger, or the window frame often blocks the gap. Please be aware of this fact when designing your blinds. Wmm is what you give us as a width of the blind and we do all the necessary calculations our self.

Wrmm-This is the width of the fabric. It is normally Wmm-34mm.

Pmm-This is the projection of the bracket. There are 3 brackets, each with a different projection; we will choose the bracket that best fits the fabric. The most common bracket have a projection of 60mm to the centre hole, so the total thickness of the blind will vary from when it is fully rolled up (120mm) or roll down (85mm)


To the installer of Mulga Shade Natural Roller Blinds


Please take care of the following during installation.


Stoppers          Please ensure the stoppers are installed. It should stop the blind from unrolling completely. If this happens, overtime, it will damage the blind. We CAN NOT install stoppers for you as the position is only determined at the point of the blinds being inserted into the brackets, hence it always has to be adjusted by the installer.


Heavy Blinds or extra long blinds       Sometimes blinds will not stay in position due to the weight, in these cases, we suggest that you also install a Cleat, so the spare chain can wrap around the cleat loosely to stop the blind from rolling. This is not necessary for all roller blinds. To determine whether this is necessary, roll the blind ¾ of the way down, if it stays in place, then in general, it does not need the cleat. We always provide cleats if deemed necessary in our workshop.


Cleaning          To remove dust, the best way is to vacuum with a suitable nozzle. Dirt or unwanted marks can be remove by simply rubbed with a rubber eraser and/or use a damp cloth to wipe it down, but make sure it is well ventilated when applying dampness to the weave. DO NOT USE HARSH cleaners, and you should test your cleaning agent in an unseen area in the fabric before using it, some may contain bleach and will strip the natural coating on our blinds.



Please continue to enjoy your natural choice of Mulga Shade.