Mulga Shade Product range is sampled into several collections.
Cocoon – Sumptuous Silk, Hemp, Linen, Yak, Cashmere, Cotton and other exotic blends endeavor to transform your home into a warm environment. It is a collection for those who desire the ultimate delivery of subdued glamour and innate elegance.

Oriental Garden – An elegant combination of Hemp, linen, Jute, Grasses, Bamboo, and Cotton shell. The fibres triumph in various colours and weaves. It is truly an organic and texture rich experience. These beautifully woven materials simply captured the best that nature has to offer.

Willow- compost of natural weaves of Bamboo, Bark, Wood, Jute, Linen and Reeds. The materials in this collection are robust and will provide excellent insulation against heat and UV light. The partial translucent material will achieve adequate daytime privacy.

We Made It For You By Hand... We hand selected your fabrics. With time honored skills and craftsmanship, we create your blinds to your specification, so you may enjoy them for years to come.

Warning….This collection consists of mainly natural fibres, thus they display natural and unique characteristics. No two pieces are identical. They may differ a little in colour and shades and they will respond to your use and other environmental conditions. As the seasons change, they may become out of square, this can be easily corrected with a firm hand. We do not guarantee an exact match comparing to samples and final products, due to the characteristics of natural hand-made materials.

Our natural fabrics have a mind of their own, and this is as individual as it is beautiful. Please choose carefully to avoid mismatched expectations

Bamboo lounge